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To Book Your Foot Soak Experience, Massage, or Spa Package,




Integrative Therapy

Sacred Acupuncture

Initial/ $95    Follow-Up/$75

Acupuncture treatment includes consultation and wellness plan. Other modalities under Traditional Chinese Medicine may be combined for optimal support. 

Sacred Acupuncture and Herbal Foot Soak Experience

105 min/ $110

For added support, enjoy a customized herbal foot soak with your acupuncture service.

De-Stress Acupuncture 

30 min/ $54

This is a 30-minute acupuncture session to help calm the mind and body. There is no health history needed as with this session, we utilize traditional acupuncture points for quick and effective relief from stress.  This session is great when combined with our herbal foot soak experience. 

Cupping Therapy


Instead of pushing as in traditional massage, cupping pulls the layers of the skin and muscle to increase circulation and offer pain relief. In this session, the cups remain in place during the acupuncture session to provide added support and optimized results. 


Integrative Therapy Sessions 

Holistic medicine contains a wide variety of therapies. Some of them are done in session, while others are working with you outside of the treatment room. When our bodies are out of balance, it may be needed to integrate other therapies under the umbrella of natural medicine. In these sessions, your practitioner will work with you on optimal treatment options incorporating several of the services below. You and your practitioner will decide what's needed or recommended when you come in for your first visit.

Integrated Massage Therapy 

+$25 (with acupuncture)

$110 for $60 min stand alone treatment.

Using the power of touch, energy medicine, or integrated massage, your practitioner will manipulate blood and energy flow to the body to restore balance and promote healing. This integrated session is used with acupuncture therapy. 

Electric Stimulation and/or Cold Laser Therapy

Commonly used to reduce inflammation and manage pain, these modalities are often combined with acupuncture to provide stronger relief from pain and expedited healing. One or both may be used in acupuncture session. 

Enhancement costs apply: 

GI Testing/Food Sensitivity

(Cost vary based on tests)

Focusing primarily on pain, inflammation, gut and immune health, this type of therapy incorporates lab testing, and food sensitivity testing. This therapy is often integrated with acupuncture, nutritional and herbal support. order to obtain more information. As a part of Functional Medicine, it may be recommended in order to get a clearer idea of root cause of imbalance. 

May be Included with Acupuncture Session. 

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

75 min/$81

Package of 8: $610

Package of 12: $875

Package of 20: $1377

This experience will rejuvenate inside and out! Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture has been shown to reduce fine lines, balance, and brighten the skin and eyes.


An important part of any Natural medicine approach,  nutritional, herbal, and lifestyle recommendations are included in the treatment plan and are often recommended for ongoing support and to create a collaborative and essential part of one's wellness. You and your practitioner will discuss on your first visit what's attainable for you to help get you off on the right track!

Nutrition, Supplemental, Lifestyle

Acupuncture Wellness Packages. 

(Pre-paid and non-facial)

5-Session $355

10-Session. $700

15-Session. $975

20-Session. $1200

Payment plans available. See Below for more wellness packages. 

Emotional Release Therapy 

+$25 (with acupuncture therapy)

$110/session (if used as stand alone therapy)

This service helps to balance the nervous system, relax the body and mind, and begin to reprogram negative behavioral patterns and thoughts. This integrated session is often used with acupuncture therapy.  Based on the power of deep meditative relaxation, guided visualization, and emotional release therapies, this therapy is extremely beneficial and recommended to use in addition with acupuncture for mental/emotional imbalance such as fear, grief, stress, anxiety/phobia, trauma, depression, and a desire for change. It's also beneficial to assist with addictions such as smoking cessation & weight loss.

Foot Soak Experiences


+ $25/guest, 

Reflexology Foot Therapy

15 min

Good for the soul! Foot massage have been used for centuries to provide whole-body wellness and relief. The entire body can be treated through the feet. So, if you've hit the trails all day and want some added support, come in for this lovely therapy. Your body will thank you. 

Achy Feet No-More

15 min

Exfoliation, warm towel compresses and therapy focusing on feet, calves, and shins.  

Neck/Shoulder Therapy

15 min

Enjoy a powerfully rejuvenating experience by adding this neck and shoulder therapy to your foot soak experience. 

De-Stress Acupuncture


Using small ear needles, take it even deeper and enjoy de-stress acupuncture session with any foot soak. 

*Can be used alone or added to any enhancement.*


Foot Soak Experiences

60 min/$36

We use Himalayan sea salts, organic oils, and herbs to take your mind and body into a deep state of healing and relaxation. 

With your experience, we open the senses. Walk on the Reflexology path, listen to science-based music set to enhance relaxation, and enjoy organic herbal tea. Add a massage to enhance your experience. 


Luxury Foot Soak Experience

75 min/$45

The Luxury Experience includes 75-minutes of relaxation. Enjoy herbal tea or complimentary wine with this experience.  

Sacred Relationship Celebration

90 min/$100 per guest

Can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Please call for reservation. 

Enjoy herbal foot soak experience, and your choice of Reflexology or Neck/Shoulder Massage. 

Included with package: Private room w/Complimentary herbal tea or wine. 

Sacred Bride Celebration

90 min/$100 per guest

Can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Please call for reservation. 

Bring out her radiance and celebrate the beautiful bride with us! Enjoy herbal foot soaks, and a Mini-Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Session or  Neck/Shoulder Massage. 

Included with package: Private room w/Private room w/Complimentary herbal tea or wine

Sacred Mama  Celebration

90 min/$110 per guest

Call for reservation

Can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Indigenous cultures focus on the mama, preparing her for her sacred birth and helping her transition into motherhood. 

Let us help make that special mama feel sacred, supported, and ready for the most beautiful and transformational time in her life. 

Private room w/Herbal Foot Soak Experiences, Warm Herbal Tea, 30-minute massage of choice for the sacred mama.

Also includes Blessingway gift