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  • David Goldner

What is Qi-Kung

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Medical Qi-Kung has been practiced for thousands of years in China. It is accepted as a self-healing method and an effective medical treatment. This technique can be applied by health practitioners or individuals either alone or in conjunction with any other healing modality-with remarkable results. It can also be practiced individually by those interested in enhancing their quality of life.

What is Medical Qi-Kung?

Before we talk about what it is, let's discuss what it is NOT. Qi-Kung is not randomly moving the hands around the body. It is NOT mysterious or mystical.

Medical Qi-Kung is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine practices where the practitioner uses his/her Qi (life force, energy, electricity, or frequency) from their hands. The Qi is then directed to the areas of the body that hold imbalance. Qi Kung is working with the meridian channels, which are nerve pathways that connect to tissues, organs, and even emotions. They influence the human physiology, pathology, and prevention of dis-ease.

In the Eastern Medicine model, we are all electrical beings that hold frequency. Studies are showing that everything on our planet holds frequency, including emotions. Imbalance and healing first begins on an electrical level before reaching the physical, excluding trauma or acute injury. The medical Qi Kong practitioner works daily to build the frequency within him/herself. Just as one would go to a gym to exercise and develop muscles or strengthen the heart, there are exercises that improve and strengthen Qi.

What are the Principles of Medical Qi-Kung

The main focus is to cultivate your own Qi (life force) through Qi-Kung breathing meditation. Part of the movements involved in Qi-Kung include removing stagnation within the body in order to create more blood flow, looser joints and muscles allowing for the flow of Qi to move easily within the body.

The Results Can Be Remarkable:

Some of the common results attained when learning or receiving Medical Qi-Kung are:

  • Recharging and maintaining optimum health

  • Improving quality of life, reducing pain and imbalance quickly and powerfully. Many people see immediate results.

  • Teaching others a gentle routine to maintain their own health and vitality.

Do I have to believe in it?

If you stand in a metal bucket of water and then place your fingers inside a toaster oven, press the activate button, you are going to experience an uncomfortable shock whether you believe in it or not. This validates the idea that we are electric beings and answers the question that we do not need to believe in it for it work.

Do I need to be filled with mental intention for it to work?

Think about the intention involved in sending a text or email. We don't need to intend for the receiver to get the message. We don't see any physical visuals as the communication travels by frequency to its destination. With qi-kung, it's similar.

Are there contra-indications?

There are no contraindication to medical qi-kung. If one were to press channel four on the television remote but wanted to go to channel three, there was no harm done to the television. He/She may not have gotten the desired result, but it's still safe.

Receiving positive results is where education and instruction come into play.



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