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Empowered woman Experience


Awaken Your Inner Strength

Join us on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment at our "Empowered Woman Experience" retreat, designed exclusively for women seeking to connect with their inner wisdom, find balance, and harness their true potential. Nestled in the heart of nature, this retreat is a sanctuary of growth, healing, and creativity.

With Your True Strength, Beauty, & Spirit



Discover who you are beyond the attachments and limiting beliefs that are weighing you down and keeping you from truly living an empowered and authentic life


Learn ways to stop living in your head and start living fully in the present as you minimize your inner critic and reframe your internal script.


Explore techniques that will awaken your personal power and help you create the life you desire.

Invest in Yourself

Weekend Retreat Only $495

(Book Accommodations Separately Below)

Sept. 22-24, 2023

Nov. 10-12, 2023

Uncover & Discover

empowered woman retreat in asheville nc


Qigong and Mindful Movement: Embrace the ancient practice of Qigong to cultivate harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Through gentle movements and flowing sequences, you'll unlock stagnant energy, boost vitality, and cultivate a deep sense of grounding.

Forest Therapy and Nature Immersion: Immerse yourself in the healing embrace of nature as you participate in forest therapy sessions. Allow the whispers of the trees and the rustling of leaves to guide you on a soulful journey of connection and rejuvenation.

Breathwork and Meditation: Discover the power of your breath as a tool for relaxation, clarity, and self-awareness. Guided meditation sessions will lead you on a journey inward, enabling you to release tension, reduce stress, and embrace a renewed sense of calm.

Creative Art Experience: Unleash your creativity and express your innermost thoughts and emotions through our engaging art experience. Tap into your intuitive side as you engage in art forms that serve as a reflection of your unique journey.

Mindfulness and Self-Reflection: Through guided mindfulness practices, you'll learn to be fully present in each moment, fostering self-awareness and acceptance. Journaling and group discussions will provide a safe space for sharing, growth, and collective wisdom.

Join Us for this life-changing experience

Our Process


women's retreat asheville nc

Through discussion, journaling, and facilitation, we help you tap into why you are the way you are and why you think the way you think.

 Your self-awareness is the springboard of your power - we'll dive in together to create the understanding and
self-compassion you deserve. 


women's retreat empowerment

In our culture today, we seem to live in our mind. Living empowered means showing up to every precious moment in our lives and being fully present.

We use mindfulness, forest therapy,          Qi Kung, and movement meditation, and acupuncture to assist you in this process. 


empowered woman retreat

We believe that in order to truly tap into deeper parts of ourselves, creative expression is essential. Through the use of art, journaling, and movement, we will help you discover hidden strengths to help you light your path and  hidden fears, beliefs, and attachments that might be hindering you from living authentically and freely. 

Why Attend?

This retreat is a sacred space where you can shed the weight of expectations, embrace your authentic self, and connect with a community of like-minded women. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and step into a nurturing environment where your well-being takes center stage.


As you return to the world, you'll carry with you a profound sense of empowerment, resilience, and a toolkit of practices that support your ongoing journey. The "Empowered Women Experience" is not just an escape; it's an invitation to step into your power, embrace your truth, and rise as the incredible woman you are meant to be.

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Join us for our next Empowered Woman Experience.

Space IS limited, so register and reserve your lodging today to ensure you can be part of this transformative journey.

Sept. 22-24, 2023

Nov. 10-12, 2023

About Us

Meet Amy

Owner, Sacred Living Wellness

Amy has a Masters's Degree in Chinese Medicine. She is a licensed acupuncturist, mindfulness facilitator, and holistic practitioner who specializes in women's health. She has been in practice since 2006, and her passion is educating and empowering women to reawaken to their own innate healing, wisdom, and truth. Coming from Hawaii, while she was working on her Masters's Degree, she studied with Toltec Shaman with a focus on the divine feminine. 

 "Deep Dive Retreats is a way to fill the gap, and fulfill my passion by bringing women together to support  and encourage one another, and help each other grow into the divine beings we are meant to be."


Meet Teri

Author, Songwriter, Seeker


My background as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator, combined with experience in marketing and communications, provides a unique perspective to help guide individuals and organizations toward self-awareness, effective communication, and personal growth.


Personally, I have a strong passion for helping individuals harness their natural powers to achieve their goals. By focusing on self-awareness, I believe we can recognize our intrinsic strengths, understand our emotions, and then be empowered to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with greater clarity and confidence. When we truly know who we are, everything is possible.

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Lodging In Nature
September 22-24, 2023

Get in touch with nature as you find peace and harmony inside and outside your SELF.

Emberglow Outdoor Resort in Mill Spring, NC has several lodging options reserved
just for The Empowered Woman Retreat.

Contact Emberglow Outdoor Resort to Book Your Stay

Lodging In Nature
NOvember 10-12, 2023

Get in touch with nature as you find peace and harmony inside and outside your SELF.

Emberglow Outdoor Resort in Mill Spring, NC has several lodging options reserved
just for The Empowered Woman Retreat.

Select the one that suits you and reserve directly with Emberglow No Later Than September 1, 2023

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