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We help women thrive in their health and wellbeing.

We understand that while it's important to feel better physically, we also need to ensure our mental-emotional wellbeing is also supported, validated, and integrated. That's what we aim to do at Sacred Living Wellness.


Whether you are wanting treatment for  physical, mental-emotional, or spiritual health, we work WITH you, collaboratively in your healing process to promote a positive, lasting impact on your well-being.

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About Our Services

When you come in for your first visit, we will discuss your needs and your goals. Utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy and a Functional Medicine approach, we will work together to come up with a treatment plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. 


We have additional services that we offer that continue to support your wellness journey such as our herbal foot soak experiences,  massage services, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, and Meditation. 

Meet Amy.


     I understand what it's like to know you need to get help, but you just don't have the time, energy, or support. So you just ignore your needs...until your cup is completely empty, your health is kaput, and maybe you find yourself feeling worse. I'm a mom of two and a holistic practitioner of 10 years. After sacrificing a lot of my own health and wellbeing, and seeing other women out there doing the same, I decided to create Sacred Living Wellness to be a resource for women. In this space, I've combined my years of experience as an acupuncturist and holistic practitioner with my own personal experience as a mom, parent, and health-conscious individual. 


     I want Sacred Living Wellness to be a place for women to come and feel supported physically and emotionally. Each of these services are intentional. Sacred Living Wellness is a little sanctuary nestled in the foothills of Western North Carolina for women to feel supported, find effective natural healthcare solutions, and a safe place they can feel welcomed to come in, and relax. We often give and give all day, and most of the time don't leave room to get the help we need ourselves. I want to make it easy for you to get that. 


Amy is a licensed acupuncture practitioner, certified guided imagery hypnotherapist, mindfulness practitioner, and functional medicine practitioner who has extensive knowledge in women's health including hormonal health, mental-emotional health, prenatal, postpartum, birth support, and pediatrics. She has been practicing holistic medicine for over 10 years. 

About the Founder